OpenText Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum

On 9/12/2016, OpenText announced the acquisition of Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) for $1,62 billion. ECD is the division of EMC that Portford has partnered with for many years and manages the following products:

  • Documentum
  • ApplicationXtender
  • eRoom
  • Captiva
  • InfoArchive

It will be interesting to see over the next few months how OpenText will choose to integrate and market the ECD products as there is some overlap with existing OpenText portfolio. However, the overall “blended” product line will make OpenText a powerful player in the ECM marketplace.

OpenText is dedicated to the ECM, which is another positive as the EMC ECD products now have a more focused company to take the products forward.

We believe that this is an exciting opportunity for ECD products and look forward to seeing the future unfold.

Click on the URL below to read the full press release from OpenText:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss the acquisition in more detail.

CIO Review Announces Portford as one of the 20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers in 2016


Going paperless can save enterprises’ time and money. In that respect, choosing the accurate document management system (DMS) enables industries and employees to dissipate paper from office, optimize costs involved in ink and storage space and optimize time involved in searching for right data in files. It helps companies store, manage and track electronic documents and images based information using document scanner. Considered as one of the precursor technologies to content management, DMS enables organizations to incorporate standard physical document filing practices electronically by providing storage location, security and access control, version control, audit trails, and check-in or check-out and document lockdown.

The solution serves global audience irrespective of the size and scope of the industry. In order to guide the CIOs around the landscape of document management system, CIO Review is coming up with an annual special edition on the most promising Document Management companies.  A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including CIO Review editorial board has announced that Portford Solutions is one of the “20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers 2016” in the U.S.

Recoding the Way Document Management Works.

Portford Announces MedDevTrack – The Next Generation for Medical Device Tracking


Portford Solutions Group announces the release of MedDevTrack, our second generation of proven software for medical device tracking offering full compliance to mandated FDA regulatory requirements.  Covering all classes of medical devices, this FDA Unique Device Identification (UDI) compliant enterprise application is based on Portford’s agile-based development strategy and implementation for their best-in-class SaaS solution.

We would like to introduce our new website for device tracking at  The site provides more detailed information and discussion about the software, service and educational offerings in support of our second generation software release.  We have brought aboard a group of renowned industry experts to help aid in the successful configuration and implementation of our device tracking solution to meet all your regulatory and operational needs.  More information related to this news can be found at the following link

VeriComply Presentation and Value Proposition

VeriComply launched the VeriComply FileVault and VeriCompliance Process, the most comprehensive solution for managing portfolios of complex commercial real estate loan files.  The VeriCompliance Process starts with a sophisticated classification and extraction engine that recognizes documents, extracts key data fields, automatically files the documents in the correct folder, and watermarks each document with a unique ID and the Loan ID for authentication, whether in digital or paper.  The FileVault allows users to drill down to key data for each asset. The system connects the data tape to the source documents and provides a complete audit history, eliminating risk and reducing costs of validating the accuracy of important loan data.

“As a former real estate and capital markets attorney who completed over $10 Billion in complex deals, I know what it takes to move a loan into the secondary market and get through a regulatory audit,” said Roger Cohen, VeriComply founder and CEO. “VeriComply solves a fundamental problem of performing due diligence on loan files by assembling transparent, reliable assets with greater liquidity and value. In essence, we capture the value of ‘upstream’ due diligence and embed it into the loan file for the benefit of ‘downstream’ users, providing an ROI on expensive professional services fees.”

Watch the presentation…

Are You Keeping up to Date with ApplicationXtender and Captiva?

Take your document management to the next level with upgrading and enhancing your existing EMC solutions. If you have an ApplicationXtender or Captiva solution, now is a great time to upgrade as both solutions have a number of new enhancements and a strong roadmap for the future.

ApplicationXtender (AX) v8

EMC ApplicationXtender is a content management solution that meets the demands of line-of-business applications, yet is enterprise-ready for broader implementations both on and off premises. ApplicationXtender scans, stores, retrieves, and preserves information, while providing role-based access from nearly any device or web browser.

Based on industry standard Microsoft .NET technologies and cutting-edge client UI frameworks, ApplicationXtender can be easily deployed to provide document capture and retention management capabilities as well as seamless integration with Microsoft Office Applications. With an easy to manage footprint, ApplicationXtender an Ideal solution for nearly any business process.

EMC ApplicationXtender delivers:

  • New User Interface. A completely refreshed, streamlined, and easy-to-use interface. Context-driven navigation and a new document viewer bring a rich experience to nearly any HTML5-compliant browser without plug-ins.
  • Simplified administration and remote management. A new Administration interface eliminates need for a desktop client, allowing for a simple deployment that can be managed over the web.
  • Improved performance, extensibility, and scalability. RESTful Services provide a highly-efficient and resource-centric API for developing fast and efficient solutions geared toward web, mobile, and other connected platforms.
  • Broadened support for authentication. Support for single sign-on technologies and authentication engines enables tight integrations with other applications, improves security, and provides a seamless user experience.
Captiva v7.5

EMC Captiva delivers process driven capture software platform that converts paper, documents into application ready digital content. By drastically reducing manual processes, Captiva solutions lower costs, minimize risk, and streamline integration to new and existing systems.

Process Driven Capture
Organizations demand more than traditional back-office capture systems alone: they require the ability to capture documents at the first point of contact. Process Driven Capture enables organizations to capture documents and data from all areas of the business and in all incoming formats.

Captiva’s Advanced Recognition
Captiva Advanced Recognition automatically classifies documents into unique business transactions and then extracts the index data required for validation and processing. Captiva differentiates in the market by providing both the most innovative AR technologies and a proven ability to execute in delivering Advanced Capture solutions. The result: improved transaction times and industry leading automation capabilities which drive the fastest ROI in the market

Captiva’s RealTime Capture – Drives Innovation
Captiva’s Advanced Recognition Capture proves more than a mailroom or batch based solutions. Captiva’s RealTime Capture enables LOB and even departments to quickly set up but robust processes, accessing only the capture technologies needed to capture, convert, classify and extract the data needed in real time. The benefit: immediate response time to customer demands, enabling a new level of SLAs and lean business processes

Captiva Mobile Toolkit

The phenomenal growth of smart mobile devices is fueling the need for businesses to extend their market reach by providing new and innovative services to their customers with mobile-enabled applications and solutions. The new wave of mobile-enabled solutions is paving the way for businesses to consider new alternatives and ways of capturing information and processing of documents.

EMC Captiva Mobile Capture turns a mobile gadget into a sophisticated and efficient portable scanning device that captures documents and has the ability to transform information into useful, actionable data.

Captiva Mobile Capture provides the following features and capabilities:

  • Enhance or improve smartphone user experience to easily capture and submit documents.
  • Allow customers to capture-enable their mobile applications in order to expand high-valued services via mobile applications.
  • Provide server-side mobile image filters for improved classification and extraction.
  • Easily embed on-device image capture, clean-up, and batch-submission functions into mobile applications.
  • Enhanced capability to automatically take the best picture without any human intervention.
  • New user interface guides and tools to assist users to capture the highest quality image possible.
  • New and improved image processing filters and quality detection tools to optimize image quality and size.
  • New camera user interface overlay to customize sensor icons, buttons, labels, colors and dialogs.
Introducing LEAP

Content apps that drive productivity and solve business challenges.

Solving hard problems
Unrivaled set of document classification, extraction, and content transformation tools. A la carte menu options and easy-to- track usage. Pay only for what you use.

No migration required
Instead of wasting time moving to a new platform, LEAP integrates with your front and backend systems with the help of REST, CMIS, and other standard data architectures and service layers.

Thoughtfully designed
Our purpose-built, multi-device ready apps can be configured in minutes so different users can focus on their most important tasks.

Take Advantage of the Portford Document Management Health Check

To help you identify how your organization can take advantage of AX and Captiva, Portford provides a free health check.

Contact us now for more information.


Get Your Free Business Health Check

Portford Solutions Group will conduct an up to a 3-hour No-Charge services engagement to assess your automated and or manual document business processes and systems. The Health Check begins with an assessment via conference call or onsite visit which can include:

  • An analysis of your business process
  • A review of critical business issues
  • An evaluation of your plans for future operations
  • Identify potential return on investment (ROI)

We will provide a short report outlining current process issues, highlighting your vision and recommending solutions.

Our Focus
  • Data Capture & AP Automation
  • HR On Boarding
  • Analytics
  • Content Management
  • Workflow Processes
  • Records Management
  • Process Automation
  • Process Management

Contact us now to get your health check started!

Announcing eRoom v7.5

eRoom v7.5 provides some key compatibility enhancements. Contact us today if you want more information on upgrading your current version.

Support for new Server Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2012 (64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (64 bit)
Support for new Client Operating Systems
  • Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • MAC OS 10.10.x
Support for new browsers
  • Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 10
  • Mozilla Firefox 38
  • Apple Safari 8.0.x
Support for new databases
  • MSSQL Server 2012 SP2 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • MSSQL Server 2014 SP1 (32 bit and 64 bit)
Compatibility with Documentum products
  • Documentum Content Server 7.2
  • Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) 7.2

Migrate Content to Your Microsoft SharePoint Solution

This solution utilizes different components of DocuNECT to solve common challenges faced in a typical Microsoft SharePoint implementation. DocuNECT can be used to increase the methods used to import content into SharePoint and works with SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.

Read our article on the benefits of migrating your content to a central repository.

What is DocuNECT?
  • The What is DocuNECT? page is a great place to start to understand what DocuNECT can do.
  • The DocuNECT Documentation page provides useful information on the functionality of DocuNECT, including White Papers, Data Sheets and links to the Online Help for the current and previous versions.
  • Keep up to date with the Latest News.
“Turn-Key” Lifecycle Applications

Desktop Capture Applications
The Desktop Capture product provides the ability to easily capture electronic documents from the desktop and has the following features:

  • A built in document browser to allow you to easily identify documents to be uploaded
  • Ability to print documents into SharePoint from any print enabled application
  • Drag and Drop documents from Microsoft Outlook
  • Split document images. This is useful if you receive faxes to your email that contain multiple document types
  • Easily integrate with desktop scanners and scanning applications that already exist or are shipped with the scanner.

Multi-Function Device Integration
Using the automated file import features combined with DocuNECT’s powerful web based indexing provides a cost effective solution for an enterprise-wide scanning and indexing. Features include:

  • Completely web-based indexing
  • Users are notified via email of indexing tasks with a link that goes directly to the indexing task which helps to reduce training
  • Integrated with Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) to retrieve the user information
  • Barcode generation utility built into DocuNECT Web
  • Document separation, based on barcodes or patch codes
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Using DocuNECT for Reports Management
DocuNECT can be used as a report processing application for SharePoint. Features include:

  • Import reports in either a ASCII, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office formats
  • Use DocuNECT’s powerful DocScript scripting language to extract data from report to create folders, assign permission sets or populate document type attributes
  • Split reports based on information found in the report. For example, you may have a business report that contains the finances for all projects. You can split the sections of the report by each project code to make it easier to access and distribute into SharePoint

Capturing Electronic Forms into SharePoint
Using a combination of the DocuNECT Desktop Capture applications and automated indexing provides a great solution for capturing electronic forms. Features include:

  • Capture electronic forms created in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, XML/HTML and Adobe PDF Forms
  • Submit the forms using the Virtual Print Driver, Desktop Capture or via Email
  • Utilizes existing applications to complete forms (Microsoft and Adobe Reader), which makes DocuNECT a cost-effective forms capture solution

Automating Document Import
You may receive electronic content with index values that are stored in different formats. DocuNECT can be configured to import documents and index values that are supplied in a number of different formats. Features include:

  • Total control over mapping the index values from any number of files sources, including databases, text files, XML and HTML files, and Microsoft Excel
  • Different sources can be periodically monitored looking for files to import, such as Local or Network Based File-Shares, FTP Sites, and Secure FTP/SSH sites
  • Email notifications can be sent to confirm successful file imports, or to notify a user of an import error

Monitoring Email
Email is still a highly used application for sending and receiving documents. DocuNECT allows you to set up a email address to be able to email documents directly into SharePoint. Features include:

  • DocuNECT can monitor POP3 and IMAP protocols. Note, for Lotus Notes and Groupwise email POP3 and IMAP can be utilized
  • The email body and attachments can either be added to SharePoint as one document with multiple-pages to represent the attachments, or the body and attachments can be added as separate documents
  • Information can be extracted from the email body and attachments to automate the indexing process. Tags can also be placed in the email body to populate index values

File Share Migration
Network based file-shares are a popular way to easily store and share documents. If you have already invested in a Microsoft SharePoint system, it makes sense to migrate the documents to take advantage of SharePoint’s powerful document management functionality. Features include:

  • Map all or parts of the document’s name to SharePoint document library attribute values
  • Map all or parts of the document’s folder name to SharePoint document type attribute values
  • Retrieve information from the content of the document to populate SharePoint document type attribute values
Automated Data Extraction

You can built templates that defined business rules to extract data from document to automatically populate the SharePoint library folder and document properties.

Building Your Own Lifecycle Applications

We have pre-configured lifecycle applications that cover the most common use cases for Microsoft SharePoint, however, you can also produce your own lifecycle application to meet a specific need.

The Technology

The links below provide information on the technology behind DocuNECT:

Migrate Your Content to EMC’s ApplicationXtender!

Our recent article Migrate Your Content to a Central Document Repository discusses how you can increase compliance and control by consolidating your content into one repository. ApplicationXtender provides a easily deployable and feature rich platform to use as your one-source for document management.

Portford’s own award winning DocuNECT solution integrates with ApplicationXtender to provide an “on ramp” for content stored in different sources and legacy document management systems.

Top 5 Reasons to Move to ApplicationXtender

1) Access New Features. ApplicationXtender is a powerful, feature-rich document management solution that has recently had a major release with some exciting new features.
2) No Plug-Ins or Compatibility Issues. The application is web based utilizing HTML 5 technology. This means that there are no plug-ins that are incompatible with browsers and operating systems (i.e. Windows 10).
3) Tablet Ready. The web application is “tablet ready” so your business users can access content from different devices.
5) Supported Environment. ApplicationXtender is compatible with the latest Microsoft technologies to help keep in a supported Microsoft environment.

Take Advantage of LEAP

LEAP is EMC’s new hybrid cloud technology platform and is the wave of the future. ApplicationXtender works with the LEAP platform so you can take advantage of the digital transformation.

Migrate Your Content to a Central Document Repository

Document management is becoming a commodity, which can create a problem for companies who are looking to centralize their documents into one repository. Commoditization helps make document management solutions accessible, allowing them to quickly spring up in different departments, divisions and locations. With the cloud providing more and more online solutions, a department looking for document management does not have to rely on IT for hardware. Internally, many organizations have Microsoft SharePoint and/or another document management system such as Documentum, OpenText, FileNET or eRoom to manage documents. In addition to these controlled document management systems, there are network file-shares, cloud storage, and FTP sites that can also store and provide access documents.

The more content each solution stores the bigger the problem becomes, compounding the challenge of centralized document management. Each individual solution provides it own value, but does not allow a unified approach to managing documents and associated data.

Three Reasons for Centralizing Document Management

Save on Maintenance and Resource Costs. Multiple document management solutions mean multiple annual maintenance bills that can mount up. Consolidating in one repository can allow you to retire solutions to save on maintenance and reduce hardware. Multiple systems also require resources with multiple skill sets, and possibly require more consulting time to support and maintain.

Realizing the Value of One Central System. One repository provides a global view of documents that facilitates better searching, allows better data integration, and also creates a foundation to facilitate initiatives that are not possible when documents are split between repositories. These initiatives include workflow, retention management and information discovery that can work on the complete scope of documents rather than just a smaller subset.

Increase Compliance. Regulations surrounding document management are on the increase, so having one environment where compliance is controlled reduces an ambiguity of what system stores the master version and allows audit trails and controls to be consistently applied to all documents.

How Can We Help?

DocuNECT is a solution to manage the capture and migration of documents from a number of different sources and document management systems. DocuNECT works in conjunction with our Idea to Implementation (i2i) methodology that has a complete reconciliation process that can help satisfy quality organizations that the documents have been moved from one system to another without the “chain of custody” being broken.

Ten Features of DocuNECT for Migration

1. DocuNECT can migrate documents and meta-data to and from popular document management systems.
2. DocuNECT can also interrogate file-shares, FTP/sFTP sites, user’s machines and cloud storage for documents to migrate.
3. Users can also manually migrate documents from their email, their file systems, or use the Virtual Print Driver to print documents directly into the new document management system.
4. Business rules can be applied to automatically classify documents and extract meta-data to allow it to be correctly placed into the target document management system.
5. Users can verify/change information using a web-based application before it is finally distributed.
6. Documents can be converted to and from a number of different formats. Documents can also be appended together, or broken apart, to better represent their classification and associated meta-data.
8. Data can be distributed to, or accessed from, business applications.
7. Complete document “chain of custody” audit reporting to maintain compliance during the migration.
9. Duplicate documents can be identified and either ignored or reviewed before being distributed to their final location.
10. If the “out of the box” features are not enough, DocuNECT has a powerful Microsoft .NET and Web Services API to allow documents and data to be exported or distributed to “home grown” solutions.