Medical Device Tracking with DocuNECT

Medical Device manufacturers are required by the FDA to track certain types of devices from manufacture through the distribution chain to patients. The FDA released 21 CFR Part 821, which governs the requirements around the tracking process. Our DocuNECT solution is used by both large and small Medical Companies, in the cloud and on-premise and has the following features:

  • 21 CFR Part 821 Compliant Workflow Solution
  • Automated Correspondence
  • Automated E-mail/Faxing
  • Document and Image Management
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Signatures
  • Patient Data Management (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Dashboard and Management Reporting
  • Technology Transition
  • Device Disposition Audits
  • Managed Services

You can also view a video of a webinar that provides more information on the solution:

If you would like more information then contact us at:

Selecting the Right Document Management Cloud Provider

More and more document management providers are offering cloud-based solutions, but are they offering technology or a solution…and what’s the difference?

Technology Provider vs Solution Provider

Cloud-based offerings can be easy to configure and setup and quickly place the technology in the hands of the business. This is great, but how can you be sure that you are using the solution correctly, utilizing best practices to make sure you are compliant, secure and efficient.

Conceptually a cloud based solution implementation, from a business perspective, has the same challenges as an on premise solution….meeting business requirements, change management, and training to name a few.

Software provides do a great job of providing the technology but are less focused on implementation.

A Complete Solution

At Portford, we started life as a system integrator and became a software company. This gives us the ability to provide a cloud solution to make sure your business gets the support it needs to be successful.

Powered by Our DocuNECT Platform

We not only manage the cloud, the implementation, but also the software to make sure we provide a seamless service:

Benefits of Our Cloud Solutions
  • We Manage the Infrastructure – The infrastructure is completely managed by Portford. This includes server configurations and software updates, backups, security and scalability.
  • Availability Anywhere! – Your environment will be securely accessed via the web, making the solution availability to all employees 24X7, even if they are on the road.
  • Subscription Pricing – No capital expenditure, just pay monthly for what services you use.
  • An Implemented Solution – We don’t just provide you technology but a fully implemented solution using our years of implementation experience.

Healthcare Webinar: Your Path to Digital Transformation with OpenText ApplicationXtender

The stages of digital readiness varies widely among health-care organizations. While some clinics and diagnostics companies started in the digital age and have never had paper files, older practices may have filing cabinets overflowing with paper records. In the middle, there are organizations that have moved new cases and much of their data to computerized systems but still rely on paper for most of their patient interactions. While the EMR/EHR application will always be the central repository of patient data, there is a clear need to house old records and patient-related documents in a digital system. Using modern ECM, you will have a platform to both collect and manage information and act as a HIPAA compliant repository for that content.

You’ll Learn
  • Capturing Documents from Different Sources (Scanners, Desktop, Business Apps etc)
  • Centralize and Secure the Storage and Access of Patient Documents
  • Automating Patient Information with Document Workflow
  • Easily Integrate with your existing EMR/EHR system
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Date: Thursday, September 27, 2018 10:00 am PST

Duration: 30 minutes

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Extend the Life of Your Scanners with V-Care

For customers with several document scanners consisting of possibly different brands and maintenance expiration dates, Portford now offers a program called V-Care that consolidates your scanner service contracts and greatly reduces your cost of administration. V-Care is a cost-effective scanner service and support package that includes scanner repair coverage combined with preventative maintenance and consumable parts (rollers) as well as cleaning supplies. The maintenance program for each scanner is customized based on how each scanner is being used in the scanning operation. The result is maximized scanner up-time and reduced administrative costs by consolidating scanner service contracts and vendors.

Below are some additional advantages and benefits of the V-care scanner service program

  • IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO SERVICE ISSUES through the Customer Support Center where experienced technicians answer the phone when a service call is placed. (A technician is dispatched if the problem cannot be resolved quickly over the phone.)
  • ALL SCANNERS HAVE CO-TERMED SERVICE COVERAGE providing one common expiration date under one contract, regardless of brand or purchase date, minimizing contract administration cost.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE (PM) VISITS ARE INCLUDED for each production scanner. PM’s are pre-scheduled and dispatched automatically by the Customer Support Center.
  • CONSUMABLE KITS ARE INCLUDED in the service contract. Rollers in the kit are needed by the technician for the PM’s. The cleaning supplies in the kit are used by scanner operators for routine daily maintenance.
  • 3-YEAR CONTRACTS (PAYABLE ONE YEAR AT A TIME) ease administration and avoid annual price increases. Discounts may be available for 3-year contracts paid in advance.
  • FLEXIBILITY TO MOVE SCANNERS ON AND OFF THE CONTRACT WITHOUT PENALTY New scanners are prorated to line up with current contract expiration dates. Unused service payments for retired scanners are credited back to the customer.
  • SCANNER SERVICE HISTORY IS AVAILABLE through the Service Management Portal (only for service calls placed to the Customer Support Center).
  • LOW COST ADVANCE EXCHANGE ERVICE FOR LOW-VOLUME/DESKTOP (FUJITSU) SCANNERS is available (replacement scanner shipped overnight).

For more information or to schedule an assessment of your scanner fleet, please contact your Portford representative today!

DocuNECT – The Complete Virtual Printing Solution

Using the DocuNECT virtual print driver can extend document capture to applications that do not easily expose documents or integrate with document management systems. As long as the application is print enabled, the virtual print will work. Document management systems are structured environments that often store business data (index values) along with the document so it can be classified correctly.

What is a Virtual Printer?

The virtual printer is software that appears as a new printer on your machine. However, when you print a document it initiates an application that allows you to enter indexing information and upload the document to your document management system.

Can I set up Multiple Printers?

Multiple printers can be set up to make it easy for users to print documents for different business processes  i.e. Print Invoice, Print Loans, or Print Contracts.

Can I Automate the Indexing Process?

Adding the DocuNECT Discovery module will allow business rules to be defined to automatically extract index information from the content of the document.

What If I need to also Print to a Printer?

There are some use cases where documents still need to be printed to a physical printer. The virtual printer also supports redirecting the document to a physical printer to make the process as seamless as possible.

What about Server Printing?

DocuNECT Virtual Printer can be used as a server printer to capture document print streams be redirected from business applications.

DocuNECT Lifecycle Applications – Automating Document Data Extraction and Verification

DocuNECT manages the complete lifecycle of a document from capture through to retention and easily integrates with third-party document management systems. The lifecycle can be mapped to capture the documents, extract/review data from documents, present issues in a workflow and then release to your document management system.

This model can be applied to many different business scenarios, such as loan verification, accounts payable, human resource on-boarding and many more.

Templates and Enhanced Business Rules
  • Use business rules to classify documents into different categories, such invoice vendors or loan document types
  • Define document type specific business rules to automatically extract index values, or redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Assign contextual rules. For example, if you receive an invoice from a vendor that is significantly greater than the historical average then flag it for review by an operator
Document Classification and Indexing Verification
  • Web-based review module to review automatic classification
  • Re-organize pages and documents within the module
  • Web-based indexing/verification visually indicates where business rules fell below the defined confidence threshold and requires review
  • Calculates business rule effectiveness by analyzing user intervention
  • Analyzes user intervention to recommend adjustments to business rules
  • Use document type history to adjust business rules
Process Management
  • Use business rules to review or approve data elements extracted from documents
  • Utilize user or role based work queues
  • Dashboard for monitoring progress
See a DocuNECT Lifecycle Application in Action

The following video shows an example of an Accounts Payable lifecycle application.

Support Extended for ApplicationXtender v7.0 Service Pack 1

OpenText is extending support of ApplicationXtender version 7 (SP1) to October 1, 2018 so that you have more time to evaluate the latest version of AX. For those that moved to version 8.0, please note that the end of support date is October 31, 2018.

We believe with this extra time you can review the first full release of ApplicationXtender under the OpenText branding -v16.3. It has a variety of new features: Web based scanning for zero install environments (browser client users), a new faster thumbnail preview, integrated text search and a new OCR engine that decreases processing time when compared to the performance of AX7.0. In fact, AX16.3 halves processing time for small documents and decreasing the time by 20% for files greater than 400 pages.

If you want more information about AX upgrades, please contact our support group.

ApplicationXtender v16.3 Generally Available December 15th 2017

We’re excited to announce ApplicationXtender 16.3 will be generally available on December 15th 2017.

First, let’s address the obvious question…Why did the version jump from 8.1 to 16.3??? Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. The current release for ALL OpenText products is release 16. ApplicationXtender has completely shifted all of its processes, technologies and management over to align with OpenText’s internal product and marketing.

OpenText is investing heavily in ApplicationXtender, and all of the products from the ECD acquisition. ApplicationXtender’s multi-year road map and strategy is exciting and fully endorsed by OpenText’s leadership.

The goal of this release is ease of use and a view towards an information management platform rather than just a bucket for content.

Web Access Features

This release is focused on ensuring that ApplicationXtender is a modern multi-platform experience. Web access is now the first choice of customers and AX 16.3 has expanded the features that are browser first.

Full feature, responsive mobile experience that includes:

  • Ability to “Pan” the image within the viewer
  • Multi-touch support so that users can take advantage of not only tablets but touchscreen monitors.
  • Navigate page by flicker, zoom in/out by pinch with two fingers, switch viewer to full-screen mode, hide/show application list and thumbnails, draw/move/delete annotations, pan page images.

In addition to the new touch and mobile-focused features there are also some basic upgrades that are part of this release:

    • Higher quality thumbnail rendering
    • Ability to save layout of pages as new version (when rotating/adjusting pages)
    • Hot-keys to move to next/previous document or next/previous page
    • Ad-hoc text searches:
      • From the result set, users can select multiple items and search within them
      • From the document view, users can perform a search of all pages within the document

As many of ApplicationXtender customers have made strategic decisions to reduce their IT footprint due to the evolving cloud technologies and a greater alignment of information management with business users. With that in mind, ApplicationXtender is now even easier to maintain:

    • Eased system management including:
      • Storage management- logical way to choose the location of actual files
      • Support for member pagination in admin group setting
    • Support for Single Sign-On for Active Directory users
    • Greater focus on information security
      • Support TLS 1.2 (AX-6236, WX-9625)
      • Expanded AES encryption includes Encrypt256 by default but with additional options

People love ApplicationXtender because it aligns with their work processes rather in a simple, flexible way. So, with a focus on practical usability, the following features have been added.

  • Contextual Landing Pages
    • Initial Login Landing page is different for each user, administrative users see global elements whereas users see specific elements to their security
        • Recently viewed documents
        • Documents currently checked out
        • Application Name and Description
        • New documents for application
        • Saved searches
        • Application Landing Page is focused on getting people back to where they left off

Further on the point of practical usability, the scanning tools have been expanded to add robust web-based scanning

  • Single and batch document scanning directly into ApplicationXtender without add-ons
  • Moved scanning, printing and export to back-end tasks so as not to interrupt actual work
  • Scanning interface has out-of-the-box connector for the Captiva Cloud Capture Toolkit

A DocuNECT Lifecycle Application: VeriComply Used for Asset Verification for MPL Secondary Markets and Securitizations

Since its primary customers are trust companies, VeriComply acts as a sub-verification agent or document custodian. Basically, on getting the loan documents, it extracts data and compares it with loan/data tapes. Outcomes are then discussed with originators and trust company partners to remove any discrepancies. The report is then sent to the client notifying approval status. Loans are verified on various parameters and cover all characteristics of a loan: term, rates, state of origination, APR, etc. It also incorporates the borrower’s information for better analysis.

Considering this is an important cog in the selling of loans in secondary markets and securitization, automating the process gives credibility as well as integrity to the entire portfolio when it sells.

The state-of-art technology used to build the platform means it can quickly configure for multiple originators, loan types, documents, and various field verifications. Fees are charged for the configuration set up, per loan process, and for monthly storage.

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