About Portford

Portford Solutions Group, Inc. was established in 2000 with a mission to become a single source provider for a range of document management solutions and services. Today customers have access to a broad range of industry leading software solutions, an experienced business and technical consulting team, and managed services group that is designed to take over some of your more labor intensive document centric business processes. We specialize in industries that are bound by regulations and need a delivery approach that can maintain your compliance.

The Complete Solution

Portford implements complete turnkey document management solutions. Leveraging Portford's experience can reduce the time, cost, and difficulty associated with document processes. We can maximize your investment in solutions ranging from outsourced managed services to implementation, training and support. Achieving the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for solutions can require more than just a solid technical and operational understanding of the product. Our Idea to Implementation (i2i) Methodology provides a refined set of tools and processes in order to deliver well-structured, highly-scalable solutions and processes.

Our Approach

Our approach to delivering a solution is critical to its success and helps projects run smoothly to improve performance and profitability. We cover every aspect of the implementation, right through to production and beyond.

This philosophy is baked into all the services we provide, from implementing technology solutions, to our outsource services, and support. It encapsulates our document management experience and helps make sure that all our services are driven by a quality based approach.

Stay In Touch

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Why Choose Us

Successful completion of over 1000 projects for 300 organizations of all sizes.
Flexible Approach
Technical expertise allows for tailored solutions based on specific client needs.
Strong Alliances
Partnerships with industry leading document management software providers.
Creative use of technology to solve business problems within budget.
Customer Support
Immediate resolution of technical issues, often with a single phone call to Portford’s trained support staff.
Client Committment
Our partnership based approach with our customers means that Portford has enjoyed relationships with customers for many years.