Corporate Documents

In today's organization, documents still drive many processes within different corporate functions.

Helping You Increase Effeciency

These documents can be stored on file-shares, email and other repositories that can make it hard for users to access and process them. Placing these documents in a document management system with business process automation can significantly increase efficiency.

The following scenarios are examples of how document management can add value:

Accounts Payable

  • Electronic Invoice Capture (Scanning/Email)
  • Invoice Approval Workflow based on Matrix
  • Integration with Microsoft Great Plains, Unit4 CODA, SAP and more
  • Reporting and Management Dashboards
  • Search and Retreive Archived Invoices Electronically

Human Resources

  • Electronic Employee Onboarding Process
  • Read and Understand module for important documents (Handbook/Policy changes etc)
  • Secure Repository for Benefits Document Archive
  • Search and Retreive Employee Information Electronically


  • Manage the Contract Document Process Electronically
  • Version Control/Audit Function to Track Changes
  • Manage Contract Review and Approval
  • Contract Expiration Notifications
  • Reporting and Management Dashboards